Our services for the commercialisation of IT-based innovation are comprehensive. Focus field is the creation of new applications with security by design.

Innovation Strategies

With the pressure of the globalised market, technology-oriented organisations must occupy strategic niches, or find and conquer new segments of their traditional technology area. Novalyst IT can help to develop the most fruitful innovation strategies for your organisation. We adapt common research processes to your specific needs, and help you create tailor-made links to the internal knowledge transfer process for swift and cost-efficient development of innovative solutions. We strive to build a foundation for our clients' sustained success in innovation.

IPR Consulting and Development

We help our customers assess the potential to generate intellectual property during the innovation process. A systematic cost-benefit analysis is performed to show optimal ways to successfully exploit IPR. Novalyst IT guides clients through the complete process of IPR development, preparation, and filing. Organisations benefit from a targeted IPR portfolio strategy, which we develop according to your specific needs.

Project initiation and management

We support the successful implementation of R&D projects by providing comprehensive project administration and management. This includes structuring of a project’s organisational hierarchies, facilitating internal communication, workflows and reporting. Public funding for innovative projects may appear to be a complicated process, but our funding monitoring can help you to find the right funding body for your project. Novalyst IT assembles strong research consortia with industry and academic partners. We provide comprehensive services for the preparation and submission of project proposals to maximise chances of success.


Technology studies and concepts

Successful innovation requires broad knowledge and broad-minded views of technological, economic, and scientific developments. Novalyst IT delivers in-depth trend scouting studies combining all these aspects into a global picture, summarising the most important developments at a glance. Novalyst IT can support you by creating roadmaps and strategic destination technology portfolios.

Front-line development and implementation

Commercialisation of new technology in ICT begins with demonstrators and proofs-of-concept. We deliver both, timely and optimised for the target audience of your dissemination and exploitation strategy.


Standardisation is a key to successful commercialisation of ICT innovation. We support your own standardisation efforts within our competence fields and can help you develop strategies for it.


As an innovative company in ICT, your organisation is always at the leading edge of research. Gain visibility and contacts by presenting new technology to the academic and industrial research communities. We can turn your concepts into high-quality research papers and bring in our solid scientific track records. Further services include writing of white papers, support in public relations, project sites, and information events with lead users.