Our mission is to facilitate innovation and knowledge transfer. Our task is to distill profitable results from scientific research.

Novalyst IT is an IPR incubator, research, innovation, and standardisation consultancy, and project initiator/manager. We cover the broadest range of themes in information and communication technology, with special focus on IT security. Novalyst IT is an aide to all ICT businesses and commercial users who strive to explore new business opportunities enabled by advanced information and communication technology.

The areas of competency of novalyst IT's consultants cover the broadest range of subjects in information and communication technology. Here are some examples of our ever-growing expertise. Our central fields of research are communication networks IT-Security, information economy, regulation, and legal aspects of information technology. novalyst IT can guide Your business in using and exploiting the convergence of communication networks.

IT Security

IT Security is our core competence, which covers everything from access control, authentication, policies, and privacy over wireless security to digital signatures and secure transactions. We have experience in security evaluation according to Common Criteria and ISO 27001.



Trusted Computing

Novalyst IT has established experts in Trusted Computing, renowned for highly innovative ideas. This advancing technology is not only important for personal computers and corporate networks, but also in the mobile domain.

Mobile networks and technologies

Novalyst IT provides deep insight in 3G-4G network technology. We also cover special fields such as Wireless Sensor Networks and machine-to-machine communication.


VoIP can reduce operational communication costs but also enable a multitude of new, integrated applications. We are knowledgeable in VoIP technology, protocols, standards, and the VoIP application market. Security of spoken communication is one focus, as well as interoperability and deployment.


We are experienced in industrial and public standardisation processes, in particular in these organisations: Trusted Computing Group, ETSI / 3GPP, IETF, W3C